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    I am a new guitar player. I am finding it difficult sometimes to spread and stretch my fingers across and around the fret board. They feel tight and a little stiff sometimes. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for daily exercises or practices (other than guitar playing) to increase finger and hand flexibilty over time. Also, where would I find guitar drills on this site that work on this aspect? Thanks in advance.



    Hi David,

    Great question. Even experienced guitar players need to stretch. Especially as we get older. Here is a series of stretches for guitar players. Even a few of them done regularly will make a difference.

    Hand Stretching Warm-up Routine for Guitar Players

    Also, do the warm-up exercise I teach in the Beginner’s Journey… or another if you’d prefer.



    Yes!! Thank you!

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 posts

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