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    You taught a version of the intro to Stairway to heave
    in Real Guitar Awesomeness.
    Well I’ve taken upon myself to pursue that song.
    I’ve managed to find the accompaniment Guitar parts.
    There are many versions of them. But as an example I’m
    using the tribute to Led Zeppelin as it was played
    at the Kennedy Center.It’s very rough but if I live long
    enough I think I will be able to play it.
    What I don’t have is the melody that is used in the
    classical guitar solos. I think it’s the
    vocal part. Do you have access to the sheet music or tab?



    Hi Jack,

    Here’s a fingerstyle version of Stairway to Heaven. It looks like has the melody and you can download it:

    Kinda cool!




    Here’s a nice video:



    Here’s a different version… very different style…


    Thank you for your effort! you are amazing in your dedication to your students.
    No Bull !
    I have seen and studied those videos at length. The one I really like is by
    Milos Pernica Here is a copy
    of the sheet music. OOps it won’t paste. If you open the video
    scroll down and you can get the PDF file. I have the hard copy
    if you want it I can make a copy and send it to you.
    Parts of it are way over my head but I can rearrange it or find a way around it.
    It’s a long term project.



    Wow… Milos can really play. That’s the best version I’ve heard. Great sound.



    I,m glad you liked it. AS you know
    I have his music. By the way it,s
    in standard notation witch I am used to and also Tab.
    I’m using the vocal rendition from the Kennedy Center
    as a guide and working my way through his arrangement.
    I obviously can’t do every thing he does. Heck, if I could
    I never would have met you 🙂

Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 posts

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