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    So I play around with house of the rising sun most nights and I see two ways its done one is fast strum that is like “boom chicka chicka boom chicka chicka” The other is down strum of chord then pick up.

    For the life of me I cannot do this in time with the metronome very well at all.

    When I just playing 3 down strokes each chord I can kind of sing it but I am staying in time and can hear and kind of keep up with timing and when I miss up and get back in time. Is it ok to play the less exciting 3 down strokes keeping time with my metronome at 117BPM 3/3 time?

    Hoping with enough time I can improve add more but was not sure if that was ok or I should be doing some sort of practice thing. I really suck at this its like rubbing my head and patting my belly or whatever that saying is lol

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