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    Hi Tomas
    I don’t know if this is the place for my question and,
    I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but maybe someone else is having this problem.

    I have watched your videos on this subject but somehow I am still lost.

    I set up my practice.</div>
    Then I discover new your guitar theory ..which I love…
    Then I love finger picking and strumming and your monthly practices..
    Then there are those songs I am trying to learn…..

    OK so here is the question…

    Help.. I seem to go down one path and then I have to back to the other path and I feel so disorganized in my practice plan…

    I don’t want to lose sight of why I started this of playing and learning…

    Does this make any sense?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I will say this.. with a long way to go I have learned so much and have gotten so much better.</div>

    Thanks Tomas.

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