Phrygian Dominant scale improvisation

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    After doing the Spanish Guitar for beginners course and being introduced to the “Flaminco scale” which is called by a bunch of names most predonminantely the “Phrygian Dominant scale”, I was intrigued by its exotic flavor and went off to study it more throughly. I investigated how it was built and after practicing it a lot in different keys and different backing tracks, I finally recorded my improvisation attempt this morning.

    Here’s a link to my video:

    and here’s a link to the backing track I used:

    I’d love to hear your feedback on it and if anyone else has attempted to improvise using the phrygian dominant scale.

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    Hi Shulamit,

    Very impressive. You are getting to grips with this much faster than I am. I am still trying to get a flamenco strum that doesn’t sound lumpy..

    Great work to do your own research into the scales and then use it.




    That was really nice, Shulamit. I’ve been doing the fingerstyle journeys and am concentrating on getting them down. I’d like to do the flamenco down the road. I looked up the Phrygian scale and am going to give it a try. Thanks. This is a good site for scales for anyone interested.

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