Penelope Agramonte, New student, upstate, NY

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    Hello, I am Penny.

    I live in upstate New York where it is snowing right now. I am so enjoying my new lessons. With me and the guitar, it gets a little detailed. See, my dad bought me a guitar when I was about 11. He took me to the local girls who were teaching guitar, but I didn’t catch on. After his death, my brother-in-law just gave the guitar away, never asked me. Well, fast forward to the 90’s. My husband just passed from a brain tumor. He was 36. I went to nursing school and got my RN degree 3 years later. I met a man who played guitar, and I got my spark back. I had a Seagull S6 then. I went to a local teacher who judged me to be an intermediate student. I could strum well all the chords he called out, except B. I mean a good B. But, the relationship was with a narcissist and I gave up the guitar when I gave him up.

    Fast forward to about a month or so ago. I saw Tomas’s video on Youtube. I liked that he made me smile, and want to play again. You’re smile made me want to learn again Tomas! So, I bought a Fender Squier, full sized dreadnaught. It is humble, but sounds good to my ears.

    So now, my ultimate goal is to play “Classical gas” well! I see every lesson as one step closer to that. I get a thrill when I get it right. I will be here awhile and keep on learning.

    Thank you Tomas,


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