Overdue Introduction (2 weeks after becoming a member :P )

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    Hi All,

    I’m Shivanshu. From India. Starting my journey to play guitar. I’ve always been love with it, but never had the correct guidance, nor motivation or direction to immerse myself for a long time with it and learn, until I found my “2 new skills every year” resolution and Tomas on YouTube. Before I found this course, I was like a lost sheep, bouncing off one YouTube video to another, one website to another, thinking “Man I have fattest fingers of all. Man I suck and can’t do it. Guitar is too tough”. All of those thoughts took me to Google, especially the fattest finger theory (Kept muting strings while playing). YouTube is Google’s propriety, so pretty what you search is being used to customize adverts and videos on YT as well. Next day, I opened YT to just browse, and there was Tomas’ video

    <h3>“Are You Struggling With Fat Fingers? You’ll Love These Guitar Tips”</h3>

    Et Voila! It changed the game. First video, and I got engaged in a way I never imagined. 2 days later, googled and found your website and became a RGS’ yearly subscriber without a second doubt. Been 2 weeks, and I am enjoying the journey. And will keep on going till Guitar playing becomes a second nature to me 🙂

    Good luck and Godspeed to everyone on the course. We’ve all made a great choice and I hope we all succeed! Let’s keep going 🙂

    In peace,

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