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    Bar Chords !!!  I finally can reliably play an F chord quick enough to play a song.  It took quite awhile to get there, but I did.  Now, the Bm bar is coming along as well, just need to pick up speed.   

    I also kept at the finger picking lesson for ‘Landslide’ and now able to play the song almost completly.  I still have trouble going to the D, but know I can get there.

    I really love taking the lessons, and although I’ve been away from the internet over the last couple of weeks, I still play every day.


    Thank you Tomas 





    Wow… congratulations! The “F” chord in no small feat. It’s actually more difficult than many of the other bar chords. Good work!

    Thanks for sharing… made my day 🙂

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 posts

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