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    my name is Danny, i play the acoustic, i live in boston I have been playing for a while. this is the best teaching venue i have found

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    Hi Danny.  I agree – and I have tried way, way too many of them.

    As an older learner myself, and being an aging consultant in my work, experience can be more valuable than youth – if it is accompanied by thoughtfulness, reflection, and willingness to explore different approaches.  And people have to be willing to pay for that thoughtful experience – which I am willing to do for this site.

    And, thank goodness, my company and customers are willing to pay for my experience.

    Enjoy the path!!




    Welcome Danny. I’m glad to have you here.

    How the weather now in Boston? I was born in Worcester MA, but my parents decided pretty quick after I was born to escape the winters and head to California.

    I look forward to supporting and encouraging you with your guitar paying goals.

    Feel free to ask questions so I and the others can help.

    BTW… the newest and biggest improvement I’ve made to the site in the past few months is to create a Monthly Practice Plan every month. You can access it from the main dashboard. It’s something you can do a little everyday (10 minutes or so) without worrying if you get it down. It’s meant to be challenging. Give it a try and check off each exercise as you go.

    I’ll do a drawing at the next RGS Live for all those who have checked off all the exercises (not perfected… but worked on it for 10 minutes).

    Hope you’ll play along 🙂

    Take care Danny,

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