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    Hello! I’m Yasha from Aarhus in Denmark. I’ve recently started and I play the acoustic guitar. I also sing, compose and play the keyboard/piano, so I wanted to learn to play the guitar, to be able to write songs in a different way and maybe even play live.

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    Hi Yasha,

    Welcome aboard. I’m happy to have you here.

    Wow… you sound like your really into music. I’m looking forward to helping you add beautiful guitar playing to your skills.

    I’ve just created something new that I believe will help you get going.

    I’ll ask you a couple of questions and then make some lesson recommendations.

    I just launched this … in fact, you’ll be the first to use it.

    Give it a try here:

    Let me know what you think and any other way I can help you.

    Talk soon Yasha.


    RGS Entrance Quiz


    Hi Tomas,

    Thank you very much, and for writitng!

    I’m looking forward to learn and experience some more music.

    I’ll look into the entrance quiz. Thanks!


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