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    I may be out in left field but, I was thinking of a catch all topic for the community.

    With me, some times the obvious escapes me.

    ex. during the uke lesson I decided to use my guitar and play along with different forms

    of the chords used using my guitar. It’s not important for anybody to know what

    I did but a comment like that from someone might spark interest or Ideas

    for us. I guess I’m suggesting a place for comments (they might sprout).

    I certainly don’t know if the interest is there in our community.

    Just a thought





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    Hi Jack,

    I apologize for not responding to this sooner. Thanks for attending the “Uke” session.

    Are you thinking of kind of a General topic in addition to the Community Help Forum?



    Hi Tomas:

    I think I used the wrong term when I said topic.

    I’m thinking a general category in the community form.

    I say this because it would not be for help only.

    I see it as a place to discuss any guitar/music related topic

    You might consider poling us to see if the interest is there.

    Thanks, Jack



    Yes, that makes sense. I’ve just created a General Discussion¬†forum. Let’s give it a try.

    Thanks again Jack. I really appreciate your ideas.


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