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    Hello everyone.  I’m Carl.  65 years old, retired 3 years ago and live in Scottsdale AZ in the winter and Bozeman Montana in the summer.  Just started guitar 4 months ago.  Have never played any musical instrument until now.Bought a starter guitar and started weekly private lessons in Scottsdale.  Now I’m heading to Bozeman and needed a way to continue this journey – so I signed up with RGS.  Very impressed already!  Upgraded my guitar to a Taylor this week!  Having a blast!

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    Hi Carl

    Welcome! we’re neighbors I’m over in Hereford AZ South of Sierra Vista. New, Heck we’re all new .

    It’s just some newbies have more time in than others. Retired? You’ll fit in just fine’

    It’s possible the only one that is not is Tomas. That works out just right because

    he has to work hard to keep all of us happy. I think this is a great spotand I believe you

    will also

    Best of Luck






    Hi Carl,

    I started back in November and I’m currently on the 4th Beginners Adventure. I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick things up through these lessons. I’m embarrassingly slow, but I’ve been using Tomas’s 80/20 rule and move on when I feel I’ve got the lesson 80% down. I find that when I practice and go back to the older lessons I’m much better, I’ve also been getting a lot out of the daily practice sessions as they add to the variety of what I am able to play. Not retired and I’m plenty business and try to do a little every day. How do you find private lessons work along with this program?


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