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    Hi my name is Bob I have just begun to learn from the fantastic program that Thomas has put together.

    A bit about me? Oh okay, I am 79 years and 4 months young, have always loved music and have wanted to learn to play but never really tried to learn correctly, my story is ” I have had 6 guitars and not one of them played music ;0) I finally realized having to right guitar is less important than having desire and the correct teacher it looks like I may have found both. (more to come)

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    Hi Bob,

    I have a few guitars too. They’re gradually starting to play better music. I’ve been taking private lessons a half hour a week since the beginning of last year. Been here for about 3 weeks I believe. It’s a really nice supplement to the private lessons. You can’t rewind an instructor over and over like the videos here.

    Good luck and have fun,




    Hey Bob, I just thought I’d check in and see how things are going?

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