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    Hi everyone,

    Like some other posters, I’ve recently retired and now I’m taking the opportunity to pursue some interests that I could never get to while working. In fact, I’m also taking piano lessons, and I’m a complete beginner on both guitar and piano (although when I was a student at UC Berkeley many (many!) years ago I briefly tried to learn folk guitar and fingerpicking at “Barry Olivier’s Guitar Workshop” where our first song was “Freight Train”). That nylon-stringed guitar disappeared long ago, and my new guitar is a Fender “CD-60S Dreadnought” which popped up in a number of on-line searches for “recommended beginner acoustic guitar.” I chose it over a similar Yamaha in part because the Fender came with 3 months of free lessons on their website! As I got into those lessons, I quickly found it necessary to Google “fret buzz” and that’s what led me to Tomas and these guitar lessons, via his YouTube video “How to Play Guitar Chords Without Touching Other Strings.” Tomas, I like how you explain things clearly and how you are so genuinely encouraging: even if we can’t do something very skillfully at first, we will get better if we stick with it. And your welcome video and those guitar picks were both greatly appreciated!

    My musical/guitar interests date back to songs by Neil Young and Bob Dylan; more recently via YouTube I’ve enjoyed recordings of live shows by bands like “early” Of Monsters and Men (2 lead singers, both playing acoustic guitars), and First Aid Kit (2 sisters from Sweden, lead singer plays acoustic guitar and has a beautiful voice).

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    Welcome Stephen:

    I’m happy you joined the site.

    As you already have discovered, Tomas is a great guy.

    He has helped me a lot. Like you there a several retired folks here

    that have followed the same path. Good luck in your journey.


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