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    Robin here – brand new to guitar (acoustic) as of the end of November. I’m older (61), but a lifelong learner from Petersburg, Alaska – a small island community. I played clarinet, tenor and baritone sax in school, and have always missed playing some kind of musical instrument since then. The guitar is such a beautiful instrument! And I love most musical genres.

    I started by taking lessons from a local guitar teacher, which has been great, but I often travel and I wanted to continue to progress whenever I’m away. Of all the YouTube videos out there, Tomas’ spoke to me – encouraging and reassuring that the learning process for guitar is a slow one. He made me confident that having small hands would not be a barrier to success. I liked his free content so much that I signed up for RGS, and I’ve been SO happy working through the Beginner’s Journey. This has been a terrific program for me so far, and I’ve now embraced the joy of learning guitar, rather than being frustrated by the glacial progress.

    My husband gifted me with a gorgeous little parlor guitar for Christmas, which has made learning an even better joy.

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