New Course – Sept. 15


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    Are you ready to expand beyond the basic chords?

    In this course you’ll learn to finger new “jazzy” chords, learn how to practice them so your fingers will adapt quickly, then we’ll practice them together in short phrases or progressions… and eventually one complete Latin Jazz tune.

    Release Date: 9/15/2017
    Taught By: Tomas


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    Hey Tomas:

    Tomorrow is the 15th right.

    I can’t wait



    Tomas: I don’t know how the rest of my classmates fell. But, I.m loving The Latin Course Adventure.

    However the cord progression is a challenge. those changes aren’t exactly the the easiest I tried.

    Keep up the good work. While I.m thanking you your monthly exercises are wonderful !

    these are the places I.m spending my time with you.

    Thanks a bunch,


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