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    Hey. I’m Cleta, new this year to Bismarck ND.

    It’s about time I get serious about playing acoustic guitar so I’ve decided to join you guys here and get with it.

    I’m excited that Tomas has upgraded us – the dashboard looks like it’s going to be easy to get around. It’s laid out so well – I like that I don’t have to figure out what I’m going to do next so that I can spend more time actually playing my guitar.

    It’s my first time logging into a community…already I feel encouraged.  : }

    See you around. (I’ll get my picture up as soon as I have access.)

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    Hi Cleta,

    Welcome. Glad to hear you’re ready to get “serious” about playing acoustic guitar… (not too serious I hope). I look forward to supporting you.




    Hi again Cleta,

    I’ve got a live training (as in live online) this Thursday. Hope you can make it.

    Even if you don’t have questions now… sometimes listening to other people’s questions will help with things you didn’t know to ask. Also I have a presentation that your find very helpful in the beginning.

    – Tomas

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