My name is Dave and I live in Jenks, Oklahoma

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    I’m an old guy, a very old guy!  And I love music.  I’m an expert at listening to music but not so hot at playing it.  Tried the banjo for a while, but just can’t move (or think) fast enough.  So I got an electric guitar.  Finding it quite difficult switching from five strings to six.  And my short fingers make chords on the guitar pretty difficult.  Bring on your magic!

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    Dave, great to hear that you are keeping on track with your guitar practice.  I am an older guy too, but not too old to learn guitar.  I tried years ago, but couldn’t do it right handed.  I am now the proud owner of a lefty Fender acoustic-electric guitar and so far I am moving forward with daily baby steps.  Keep on practicing because it keep your brain from going down the drain.  I am north of you on the outskirts of Wichita along the old Chisolm Trail.

    Get yer chords a strumin’…head out to the camp fire…

    C ya ’round…




    Hi Dave. Please watch:



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