Major Scale Forms Thank You


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    Tomas: I was poking around our new web site and was looking at your lesson on chord families. I poked something wound up on youtube with a grid of your lessons.
    In that grid I found a lesson (not yours so don’t go nuts on me) on the movable Major Scale forms. Shapes E,D,C,A and G. I’ve been playing those in my warmup
    Using the circle of fifths not realizing what they were. Now I have a new warmup that appears to be even more useful.
    Thank you

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    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for participating in the community.

    Maybe you could share the link to the video for everyone.

    Also, let me know if you can think of a way I could improve on the lesson. I’d be happy to create one myself… just don’t want to rehash something that’s been done without adding to it.

    – Tomas

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