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    Hi my name is Ron Bennie, I am from Perth West Australia.

    I am an 87 yo late starter joined a couple of months ago, 70 yrs late but what the hell.

    I received a welcome letter from Tomas. That was a nice surprise. Already used the picks.

    I have a Vidami Looper but it does not work on whatever platform you are using. It is fine on your Youtube lessons.

    It is nice to be able to loop sections without having to poke at my computer, I have already let the people know at Vidami.

    They said they will see if they can add your platform in.

    Im enjoying your lessons and finding it very easy to follow. Thanks Tomas.

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    Hi Ron

    I’m Jack lockhart. I am confident you choose the right place. Tomas is a great guy and very helpful. you will achieve your goal.

    By the way this is the first time I have felt like a kid on this site. I’ll be 83 in Feb.

    Welcome again




    Hi Jack

    Ron Bennie here. Thanks for the welcome. Thomas sounds like the right guy for me he has a sense of humour

    I can relate to. I joined as a complete newbie in October. Going alright so-far a bit slow and stiff, I am also 87 last month.

    All the best to you’




    thanks for the input




    It’s good to have you here, Ron. Welcome!
    What type of guitar are you using?



    Hi Tomas. I have a “Artist”” acoustic guitar, bought it online. Looks nice, sounds ok to me. I have also bought an

    “Ibanez electric and a “Orange crush 12 “ amp. I have had the strings on the acoustic changed and also the setup.

    I am up to beginner lesson1-14. I like your lessons, amazing how our brain works like you discussed in the videos.




    These two.




    Hi Ron,

    those Guitars look really nice and that amp has a nice throw back to the 70s with that orange color; I like! I work with people around the world or did so most of the time you guys from Aussie are on very early my time as its late for you. Feel free to post and stuff as I love communicating also love the stories from people older and hanging out around them as I always learn cool stuff.

    Sharing music and progress is also a great learning trick that kind of holds us to a casual and lose accountability but at the same time is relaxed and kind of voluntary. I am big team player and its really changed my ability to learn much more information as you get excited to share or show things as well as ask questions and talk about theories or ideas!

    Looking forward to seeing and chatting with you in the community!


    Brian aka wilder7bc (comes from my middle name of wilder lol)



    P.S. here is my current equipment my original stuff was stolen years back in a random house break in. I am a bit of a slob as you can see from pic (lol). I am one of those eccentric scientist/engineering geeks types that is so caught up in curiosity and learning about everything around him that I can sometimes be a bit lacking in taking care of more basic things.

    Luckily I have my wife to chew on me and push me around all time as well as remind me of the small things (she is very good at that haha). I am an expert at annoying her 😛 but at least I am loving, kind and smile and laugh a lot so she tolerates me! lol

    Funny because when I was younger didn’t do technology grew up in country more into the physical stuff however, when I got past 30s I started changing till I am what I am today.

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