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    We learn scales every month but they never stick with me. In December, played Am scale. In the past we’ve played major, minor, movable scales but once we move on they never seem to stick with me. Are there certain scales I should know and why? Which are the most important to know?

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    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for your question.

    First, I never meant the scales in the practice sessions to “stick”. Think of it more like going to an exercise class. In this case, just doing the scales is activating your mind, working your fingers and training your ear.

    Second, which scales should you learn? Good question. This may sound blasphemous but you could play beautiful guitar without ever learning any scales in this respect. That said… I would encourage you to learn scales and there’s much more to this. I’ve created an entire lesson on this question (and I could write an entire book).

    Check this out… https://realguitarsuccess.com/courses/must-know-guitar-scales-for-starters/

    BTW… I practice scales every day as a warm-up. I start slow and build up speed. I either choose ones that I want to improve on or ones that I’m going to use later in my practice. For example… recently I’ve been composing a song that is in the key of A minor. I warm-up with several versions of the minor and Flamenco scale in A.

    There’s more about this in the lesson above. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful… and possibly bring up more questions 🙂


    “Must Know” Guitar Scales For Starters


    Hi Larry

    I certainly agree with Tomas. But, here is a different twist that may help you. [This will not work if you are using any open strings.]

    A way to help you remember scales is to pay attention to the shape of the scale (pattern) (sequence),

    and the note and string it starts on. odds a very good that it will repeat. You can play another scale if

    you play the same Pattern using the same string and a different note.

    I intentionally left out the theory. don’t dwell on this it’s just a tip.


    Oh the name of the scale is the first note you play.


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