Learn the Fretboard with Moveable Scales

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    Hello everybody!
    Tomas asked me to share this with the class.
    I stumbled on to these scales and think it can be a terrific way
    to familiarize ourselves with the fret board. Don’t let this scare you…

    These are Movable major scale forms and the will dovetail into his bar chord lessons.
    they might confuse you at first so go to the site and Print the cheat sheet (in color).
    they are the ( E shape, D shape, C shape, A shape, and G shape ) Those names do not
    relate to the scale you are learning. I’m going to save you some confusion here.
    The name of the shape relates to the name of the chord shape. Let,s do the E shape as an example.
    Look at the third and fourth frets, (easier in color). You will see an R, a 5, and a 3.
    For now ignore everything else on the diagram. Move those three dots to the first and second frets.
    Walla! It’s an E chord (E shape). Tomas teaches this in his bar chord lessons.
    Now look at the scale. It’s not an E scale. the red R gives use the name of the scale
    and it can be move up and down the fret board. Just like the E shape bar chord.
    Whew! I don’t type. Here’s the link. let me know if I can help.
    Tomas can you make this a hyperlink?

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    Hi Jack,

    This is great. No need for hyperlink… video shows up right in the forum (ah… technology).

    I haven’t watch the video yet, but when I close enrollment next week I’ll have time to create new lessons. I watch the video and see if I can make a better version keeping in mind your notes on this.


    I’m really happy to see this.


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