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    Hi Tomas, in the “What Is The Best Guitar Tuner For Acoustic Guitar” module you mentioned an iPhone app “Guitar Toolkit”. You said it was by Agile Products for about $10. To lessen the confusion, it looks like the creator isĀ Agile Partners. The only app I found from them is Guitar Toolkit Lite for $5.99. Just wanted to make sure that’s the app you were referring to before I bought it. Thanks, Denice

    PS: Thank you also for the Korg PitchHawk G-2.



    Hi Denice… yes, that looks like the right one. Now they have one called plus with additional features. It’s what they call an in-app purchase. They’ll sell it to you from within the app you buy for $5.99.


Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 posts

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