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    Hi All, I’m Joe from Mayo, Ireland. I’ve just joined RealGuitar to see if I can advance my learning past the: how do I strum in time with rythm stage. I’m 71 & I decided last year that if I’m going to learn how to play guitar I’d better get started so I bought myself a Yamaha electro acoustic. As I’m retired I’ve got the time to give it a real shot so I’ve spent the year learning chords & strumming, when I got past the pain barrier. I’m hoping Tomas can get me past the point where I can’t listen to myself strumming.

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    Hi Joe. I’m 62 and just started my 3rd year with Tomas. My Dad gave me a guitar when I was 18, and am finally getting around to playing it. I’m sure you’ll do fine here. Real Guitar Success is fun because you can set your own pace. If you are like me, you just want to sit down and play a song, Tomas makes learning easy, follow the lessons and have a good time. Tim


    Welcome Joe You found the right spot. Tomas can help you with your goals. Take advantage of all his Resorces and his live lessons. What you’re

    looking for is here. By the way, I’m 82 and still learning. But then, I’m a real slow learner 🙂




    Hi Joe. Thanks for posting here. I’m happy to learn a little about you.



    Hi Tim, thanks for your welcome & encouragement. I can see that Tomas has a step by step method available that I can revert back to if I get too far ahead of my knowledge/ability & I must say his instruction videos are a great help. I’m quite a bit away from playing a song but that’s ok cause I’m progressing in that general direction. Keep in touch please Tim

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