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    Greetings from Central Texas (the burbs of Austin). I just turned 73 but still feel like a perennial student when it comes to guitar. I only play 6-string acoustics (Martin steel string and Taylor nylon string) and a ukulele. I wasn’t a musician in my youth but I learned to love acoustic folk groups, the music of the 60’s and 70’s and I love humorous “story” songs. I only started really trying to learn how to play guitar after I retired at 62. I’m not a singer and consequently don’t remember songs or have a repertoire I could pull from to prove I know anything about guitar. I can navigate lots of chords including barre chords and understand triads and how chords are constructed from scales within keys. I have played with our church’s acoustic worship group and can follow sheet music notation and keep rhythm pretty consistently. I struggle with my limitation which are my large hands and fingertips the diameter of quarters. Trying to use the left hand to embellish chords or play melodies or intervals leads to a lot of muted tones from adjacent strings. I don’t think there is a way to fix this but I keep trying. Anyway, hello everyone.

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