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    Hi! I started playing my first instrument, the acoustic guitar, in November to help my 6 year old son with his guitar lessons at home. I was learning and practicing what I was taught but never left feeling inspired or like there was much of an organized structure to the lessons. I got tired of being told you don’t need to know that and started seeking out more clear instruction online after my lessons. So very grateful that I found Real Guitar Success. Im so inspired and excited about stepping back filling the huge gaps and enjoying my guitar. Its amazing to be taught by such an incredible musician and I find the lessons personable and easy to follow. I also have been impressed with all the little touches that make it feel personal. Thank you Tomas for all that you do. Im excited to see where this journey takes me and have found learning guitar a blessing during this stressful time

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    Hi Carol. Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying learning.

    I love the photo. You look like a rockstar 🙂

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