How do you stay focused?

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    When it’s practice time, I try to focus only on practicing. I know, easier said than done. Here are some strategies I’ve found helpful:

    Appeal to your rational side – Remind yourself that stressing over other tasks you could or should do later won’t make your practice session effective. You’ll just feel bad after practicing about the distraction.

    Appeal to your emotions – Tell yourself you deserve undivided time to do something enriching for yourself, like practicing your instrument.

    Write things down – If another task pops into your head, jot it on a notepad so you can release the thought during practice time.

    Take care of distractions first – If something is truly weighing on your mind, deal with it before sitting down to focus on practicing.

    Make a firm decision – Commit to keeping your practice time distraction-free from both internal and external disruptions.

    These strategies have worked for me. Please share what works for you so we can all support each other in staying focused.

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    My phone is my biggest distraction, but I use it for my lessons. Really a dilemma. I do put it in another room when I’m not specifically using it, tho.

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