How do you make time for guitar practice?

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    I’m curious about how other people deal with the issue of making getting things done… including practice time? Do you have a way to make sure you get what’s most important to you accomplished in a day? Thinking

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    As far as it goes with practice time, I divide it up into 5-10 minute bits over the day. I leave the guitar out in a place that I pass by frequently and grab it and play for a few minutes. In general I start my day early and pray to God that he help me accomplish everything I want to get done.



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    Ancient thread but hey it’s got to be a timeless question…plus I’m new 🙂

    I really struggle with this. One thing I’ve started doing is getting up early and getting in some quiet practice (no amp) before everyone else is up. So far so good. Another thing that works is to practice efficiently – have a plan and keep a timer going. A typical practice session might be:

    5 min warm-up

    5 min chord change practice (Am -> F, G->F)

    5 min major scale 3rds, 75 bpm

    5 min House of the Rising Sun practice

    … and so on. As far as picking what to practice…I still struggle with that.




    I find that first thing in the morning and/or just before going to bed are great times to make sure I get a practice in on days when things are busy. I try to do a longer practice every day when I can.



    I like those times to Robin!

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