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    Wow… this is great Sissel. Made my day. 🙂

    You have a beautiful voice.



    Thanks Tomas!



    That is Awesome! Thanks for sharing with us, and Tomas is right, you have a beautiful voice!



    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the encouragement. Now somewhat more exercise on the guitar!!!

    Anyhow we will see how July 2 will do, because there is the birthday party of my uncle and aunt who will become 150 years together…. this is the song for my aunt, she is coming from the north of Luxembourg, where they talk a Luxemburgish we nearly cannot understand in the “south” (80 km away). So beside the fact that we thank here for being who she is, we also make a little fun of her dialect. Nieces and grand-niece will sing. What a challenge!



    I hope everything went well at July 2. You are an encouragement!

    Keep on going!



    Hello Ing-Marie

    It went precisely as it went in the video I posted: with a lot of stops from my part we reached the end. There wasn’t only the melody to play on the guitar and to sing by heart, but there was also a “choir”(7 persons) behind me. What a challenge! So regularly I lost the control, but the choir continued happily.

    This singing and playing in public goes about much more for me than just to perform a piece of music. It means, that I have to show up the way I am: imperfect, the big challenge of my life. Only some years ago I would not have dared to show me playing imperfectly guitar. But as I am so fond of music and I really see and feel that I progress with the lessons from Real Guitar Succes, so I have decided to show me the way I am. Only on this way I really can continue progressing. And if you believe it or not, I am still dreaming (I am now 55) in performing in front of a large public. That means, I continously have that vision, that it is still waiting for me. But of course, I have to work for it. I do it with very much joy.

    I can only confirm the expression of somebody here on the webside who said something like “each day I am waiting impatiently for what Tomas has invented for me today to play on the guitar”.

    By the way, I had a Norwegian friend who was called Inga-Marie. Are you Norwegian as well?

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