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    Hi, I’m Graham of Nottingham, UK. Recently I found an old guitar & (at age 77) decided to learn to play it. I like a challenge! As the guitar was damaged and uneconomic to repair I bought an Epiphone Pro-1 Plus acoustic + footstool, tuner & capo (delivery of A-frame & X-strap awaited). Before coming across Tomas’s great advice and courses I’d had a go at learning 6 chords & found clean fingering not easy. Made me think I should have taken up the piano instead of the guitar!  Must persevere.

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    Welcome Graham:

    Yes… But it can be done Hi I’m Jack for Hereford AZ

    for what its worth I’m 78 you’ll also run into Bob he’s 79

    OK, an old guy’s advice. Pay close attention to Tomas’s details on chord fingering

    and slow down. when you think you’ve slowed down go slower 🙂

    Your trying to build muscle memory. As we get older our muscles

    get dumber. Mine are downrite stupid!

    Good Luck and enjoy your trip.




    Hi Graham,
    Welcome. It’s great to have you here. Please watch this short video I made for you:https://www.useloom.com/share/94ec3bc04f9b4200acbe2e9b7a68250f



    Hi Tomas & Jack,

    Thanks for your welcome messages. I would have replied earlier but was not sure (& still am not!) whether this is the right place to do it. I’m really enjoying the course – better for me and more fun than the Great Courses “Learning To Play Guitar” by Dr Colin McAllister, which I bought before I came across RGS.  However, no doubt I will find Dr McAllister’s course useful in the long run.

    Thanks for the loom message, Tomas. It’s the first time I’ve come across the system. Must investigate the pricing arrangements with a view to using it myself occasionally. I have to spend one week this month and the whole of January in Prague receiving proton therapy treatment. As it won’t be practical to take my guitar with me I’m trying to find out where I can hire one there as I will have plenty of spare time to practice.  At home my time is very limited as I do a lot of medical charity and other voluntary work.




    Hi Graham,

    This is a fine place to post comments.

    You can use Loom for free. They have a paid PRO version coming, but the free version is quite good.


    I looked up proton therapy treatment. It seems it treats cancer. Is that correct?



    Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for the Loom link. I’ve signed up for the free version but need to make a few camera and lighting changes before using it.

    Yes the proton therapy treatment in January will be for my prostate cancer which was diagnosed last May. After much research and consultations I finally decided to go to Prague after reading a book by Bob Marckini who received similar treatment at the Loma Linda University Medical Center in California.


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