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    Hi Im staring at the beginning on beginners journey, at first I thought I could not play the videos (Buffering) then I soon realized  that I had to down load the lesson the play it,   great  easy , I thought I would try a quick win, But   the is not a video to down load and I cant watch the one that comes up as it just un watchable , even if I pause it , I  have looked in the practice and they have down load tabs and videos thank goodness . but its a shame about the quick wins  there is stuff I like to practice and I print off the tabs . ( or me being me I go it wrong and I can down load the quick win lessons  some where?  thanks   Sue

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    Hi Sue,
    I’m glad to hear you’re starting with the Beginner’s Journey. There are many things covered in there that will help you tremendously with future lessons besides playing the individual notes.

    Here’s the trick to play all the lessons without having to download them: https://www.useloom.com/share/2e989ea047154cdb942a087337ce5cd7

    The Quick Wins are not downloadable at this point. It would be a big project to make them downloadable and it means I would make less Quick Wins just because of time constraints. I still may go back and do it at some point but it’s not top on my list. Right now the priority is Beginner’s Journey | 3rd Adventure.

    Please let me know if this trick I showed you works. If not let me know a few Quick Wins that you could really use and I’ll make them downloadable.



    Thank you  very much Tomas  that adjustment has worked





    I believe all the Quick Wins are downloadable now. Let me know if we missed any.

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