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    Hi all, i’m Terry, i’m a 67 yr old trying to learn guitar. I’ve been trying for almost 3 yrs and getting a bit frustrated so I thought i’d give Real Guitar Success a try. I’m in Blackpool in the UK, a holiday resort in the NW of the UK and we have the famous Blackpool Tower on the promenade.

    Looking forward to finally making some real progress.

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    Welcome Terry! Great to have you here.



    Hi Terry. Just wanted to give you warm wishes for your success from another sixty something baby guitarist.

    Something I got interested in awhile back is a thing called Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It may sound weird but I’ve pretty much weaned myself away from saying “I’m trying to learn to play guitar” and replaced it with “I am learning to play.” I was making the joke that I’d learn to play if I lived long enough and I’ve stopped making any self deprecating statements as well.

    Hope you’re enjoying Tomas’ course as much as I am. Hope he doesn’t mind if I mention one of your countrymen on YouTube, Ivor Sorefingers, whose videos are just incredible tutorials.



    Hey Terry….we are in the same boat……I am 65 and after 3.5 years….of learning guitar online…kind of feel like I should have started at age 10…..Never the less….I have not abandoned and I try to move forward with what I have…..One of the most difficult things is….I live in a pretty remote area by myself, so I never play guitar with anyone else…..and I have never recorded myself to share online either……For me…learning to play guitar is not easy….and I oftened considered quitting…..but I love music too much….and I want to create my own music….even though time is not on my side….cheers!



    Hi Terry,

    Also your age and learning guitar.

    Enjoy each small win and move forward. I know I will never play like my guitar heros, but that is not the point.

    I just want to enjoy the progress. Best wishes on your journey.

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