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    Alan Wayne

    Hi everyone, I am Alan Wayne, currently living in North Palm Beach, Florida.

    One day, I was asked what I was doing, and sheepishly replied “playing air guitar ” I was told that I was terrible.

    Armed with that knowledge, I got a guitar, and lessons. Being told I can’t do something, has been known to motivate me.

    In fact it has been a long slow journey , and it was professionally confirmed- I am not suited for air guitar- I am however enjoying learning a little more each day on my old telecaster and newer acoustic .  Found that I really enjoy playing blues as I work towards my goal of bringing my guitar and story telling to hospitals and other facilities.

    Professionally I coach grownups how to ask better questions for goal setting and problem solving.

    What attracted me to Tomas was a tag line that said ”  guitar teacher for grown-ups”  . I was a grownup looking for a teacher. I also have a very short attention span.   Watching a lesson,   I actually felt that he understood what  I needed to learn and in a way that I could have fun as I progressed.

    Wishing everyone well-


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