Hi from Ben in Sweden

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    I first tried guitar as a child but gave up very easily when just changing chords was so hard! Now as a 48 year old, I wish I had persevered as a child! Since moving to Sweden about 8 years ago I have started to play again and I have always liked Tomas videos so took the plunge to sign up.

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    Hi Ben,, Welcome to the RGS community! I think you’ll like Tomas’s lessons, and how they are great stepping stones to learning to play, but most of all, Have fun!



    Thanks Tim!


    Benjamin, You found us. That’s great! Tomas is a great guy and very helpful. you can accomplish your goals here with practice. By the way My forefathers came from Sweeden and settled the town of Vesa Minnesota. I was a late starter and I’m still here at the age of 82 🙂




    Hi Jack. Thanks for your kind message! Here’s hoping I can be disciplined enough to practice regularly. Cool to here about your forefathers of Swedish origin. There was a mass exodus due to poverty. We have a sign (see pic) in the nearby village where my wife comes from that commemorates all those that left from this region to the US in the 18 and 1900s. It says – “In memory of the great emigration from Östmark to North America during the 18 and 1900s”



    Welcome Ben. It’s great to have you here. I look forward to helping you grow your guitar skills.

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