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    Hi, I’m Helen and I’m a rather ‘mature’ learner.  After retiring, I decided to revisit a teenage dream and learn guitar.  I’ve found it quite challenging but very enjoyable!  I’ve been taking lessons for a few months with a tutor and thought I’d supplement them with some online courses.

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    Welcome Helen. I’m a mature learner too. I started taking voice lessons for the first time in my life about 4 months ago. I’ve heard people say that because I play guitar it would come easy for me… NOT! I’m glad you decided to take up the challenge and I look forward to supporting you.



    Alan Wayne

    Hi Helen,

    Nice to meet you.

    I’m Alan Wayne and I’m in South Florida and very much like you my dream was to play the guitar.  I was taking private lessons and not moving forward, then I found Tomas sometime ago and it was exactly what I needed.,  I continue this combination still.  and when asked what would you like to work on it seems to match Tomas’s lesson.

    Enjoy the journey,




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