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    My name is Jim. I am retired and have played guitar on and off since I was teenager playing in a garage band. I took lessons here and there over the years. But mostly became distracted by life and other commitments. Now that I am retired, I have resolved to spend more time playing and improving my guitar skills…which are pretty rudimentary. I found Tomas’ You Tube videos and really like his kind, thoughtful an d patient approach to teaching. So here I am…looking forward to diving in. My best to everyone here in your personal guitar journeys. Enjoy. 🙂

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    Welcome, James! It’s great to see you here. I made you a short video…




    Thank you for the thoughtful video welcome Tomas. 🙂 I’m wondering what the best place is for me to get started? I know basic chords, am reasonably proficient at barre chords and can play basic major, minor and pentatonic scales. I also have basic background in music theory so I can read (but not sight read) music for the guitar. My guitar journey goals include improving my improvisational and finger picking skills along with improving overall technique. I like the blues, folk rock, and old classic tunes from the 60’s and 70’s. Mostly I play for my own entertainment or occasionally strum some chords with a couple friends. Thanks for any recommendations that anyone might have to offer 🙂 Jim



    Hi James,

    The first place to put your attention is in the Guitar Gym. There’s a new practice session/lesson every day of the week. If possible I’d like to see you complete all 20 each month. You get around education and a clearer idea of where to put more work. Read this first: https://realguitarsuccess.com/secret-weapon-2-the-guitar-gym/

    Also, check out the Real Guitar University > Course Modules. https://realguitarsuccess.com/courses/?search=&filter-categories=course-module

    You’ll find a variety of courses on different subjects and more on the way. I recommend this in addition to the guitar gym (not in place of it).



    Thank you Tomas!

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