Hi all from Maine


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    [email protected]

    I am Sandesh from Maine(originally from Nepal) I play acoustic guitar. Hope to learn to play better here.


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    Welcome Sandesh I’m Jack from Arizona. I play on nylon.
    I joined for the same reason and I play better.:)


    Thanks Jack,

    Nice to hear from you. Hope my skills will be better too…



    Alan Wayne


    Hi Sandesh, 

    Alan from Florida here. I believe that you are in the right place. Tomas is really helping me really move towards my goal.

    Enjoy your journey and welcome.






    Hi Sandesh… Welcome!

    I’m glad to know a little about you. My dad was raised in Soldier Pond, ME (closest town: Waterville) I’ve visited my grandpa there a few times.

    I look forward to supporting you.



    Thanks Alan and Tomas,

    Have been living in maine for last 1 year and im enjoying it.

    Started learning guitar when I was 13 years old but did not continue due to various reasons. I had learnt some notations as well then but have forgot. I want to get back to playing guitar which I do sometimes now but would like to play better and perform during gatherings as well. I know I have come to the right place and hope to learn a lot from Tomas and hope to teach my son in next few years(in a hope he will enjoy it and play better than me along with singing:).


    Thanks again and merry Christmas and happy new year to you all


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