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    Hi all – I’m Greg and I live in Lebanon, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. I’m really looking forward to learning guitar again. I purchased my Alvarez Regent guitar in 1976 and took lessons back then but they never really took hold. I’ve picked it back up off and on over the years. I recently decided to try again while being home more often due to the pandemic. I found the Beginning Guitar for Grownups series online and have already made more headway than I have in awhile, so this time, I am looking forward to Really learning to play guitar!

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    Welcome Greg.

    your story is very familiar here. Their are many of us

    You picked the right place. Tomas will help you and make it fun.

    Best of luck Jack



    Welcome, Greg. Thanks for taking the time to write something here in the forum. I just sent you a short video so you know there’s a real person behind this whole thing 😉 I look forward to hearing more from you.

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