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    I’m Originally from the SF Bay Area. Spent my working career in the Napa Valley. I was a Systems Engineer with IBM and Had a small commercial salmon fishing operation in Bodega Bay.

    I’m long retired and live in Hereford AZ. I’m not new to the guitar. I studied classical guitar for three years or so. Not a very  good experience. Lots of rote learning, very little interpretation,

    just working on the works of the masters studying etude after etude. Then I found Tomas you already know what that means. I’m now learning the guitar and loving it.

    Oh… I’m still using my classical guitars in my endeavors here.




    Hi Jack, welcome aboard! It’s good to have you here. Our community is already a better place now that you’re a member 🙂 I look forward to supporting you in your guitar adventure.


Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 posts

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