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    Hi I am sue from England . I started to learn guitar about 5 month ago from scratch , I got a teacher but after the hour lesson, and by the time I picked up the guitar later that day, I had forgotten  a lot what he had  shown me . I am  middle aged and memory isn’t what it used to be  lol .                                                                                                             I saw Tomas on  You tube, and straight away I like his way of teaching, I asked him if he would show me a way to play Hotel California   to play with my son, who  got himself a guitar too .       I am so glad I sign up here,     I am enjoying it very much,  I am starting at the beginning  (new start here) and I am playing a lot more than I did with my teacher.     I wish I found Tomas sooner .












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    Hi Sue,

    Please watch:


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