Hello from Vernon NJ


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    Paul S.

    Acoustic Guitar,

    67 year old struggling to learn

    Vernon, NJ, USA

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    Hi Paul,

    Welcome aboard! Good to have you as part of the class.

    I’m looking forward to supporting you. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments in the community.

    You’ll find a lot of help here if you take the time to reach out.

    Bye for now,




    Welcome!  You are not alone. By the way, you are a long ways from being the senior in this group.

    With Magical Tomas and patience on your part, this program works!



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    Thanks for your reply and encouragement, I look forward to getting started. Trying to figure out exactly where to begin. I play some, know the basic chords, my goal is fingerstyle and I’ve been struggling on my own. Tomas wound up to be my go-to guy on YouTube, I liked his style and figured I’d give him a try. My gut tells me to start at the beginning, I’ve probably picked up some bad habits along the way.




    Hey Paul,

    I find it often good to go back and tighten up the basics when you really want to make some progress.

    On another note… There’s a section here in the community to request new lessons and courses. When you get time I love to hear some specific aspects of fingerstyle playing that you’d like to learn. You probably realize this is a favorite of mine and am itching to create more courses along those lines (already have a few in the course section). I just want to make sure I’m creating stuff that people want to learn. It helps to know the level also.

    Thanks for participating Paul.




    For my two cents.  I believe your correct, start from the beginning.

    It certainly won’t hurt you. Yes, you have developed some bad habits 🙂

    I’ve been there


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