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    Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone, I’m Tim W, a 60 year old retired guy from the Seattle area. My Dad bought my guitar for me when I was 18. Not an expensive guitar, but a nice accoustic and I’ve had it ever since.  I fiddled around with it over the years but didn’t learn anything. After I retired, I thought i’d try and learn how to play, so I took lessons at the local music store for a few months. Then I had to quit to take care of some family stuff, but now I’m back.

    I think these classes will be a good fit for me, you can go as fast or slow as you like, and I am looking forward to really learning so I can just sit down and play some music someday.

    Take careTim

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    Welcome Tim. It’s great to have you here. I’m curious about what kinds of music you like? 



    Hi Tomas,

    Oh boy, where do I start. I’d have to say I love Classic Rock, anything from the Beattles, Stones, Elvis Costello, and Steely Dan. I  love the guitars in Boston, Doobie Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I went thru a Cure phase. Not much for “grunge, or country music.

    You’d have to list my fav guitar players as Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray, Prince, and Eddie VanHalen. I saw George Thorogood, Steve Miller Band and Ted Nudgent when I was 17, Life changing. And I did meet Jimmy Buffet once (not a great guitar player, but probably one of the funnies people I’ve ever met).

    I thought Kings of Leon where the bomb when they came out, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death Cab for Cuties rocked. Current favorite, Sun Kill Moon’s, “Bens my Friend”.

    Thru the Internet, I have (Nearly) mastered “Dust in the Wind”, and “Wish you where here” by Pink Floyd. 

    I just want to play some music. And, I want to be able to play with confidence.

    Lets have some fun,

    sincerly Tim



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