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    Hi All-

    It’s really nice to see such a diverse group of people pursuing a similar interest for so many different reasons.  I suspect one of the main reasons we find ourselves together is the research and word of mouth diligence we’ve acquired about our renowned Professor Tomas.  From what  I’ve heard and read is that he’s one of the best instructors as well as one of the good guys.

    I’m retired with a great family and  the time to now pursue one of my all time dreams of becoming a better guitar player.  I look forward to doing that and reaching out to you all when I stumble, which I’m sure I will.

    Thanks and good luck to us all!


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    Welcome Frank
    you’re right. You have joined a group
    involved in a great site.
    I think your research will serve you well!
    Tomas is good and he cares.
    I retie along time and wish I had pursued
    this path along time ago Glad to see we
    have another “adult”
    Best of Luck


    Thanks Jack-

    Here having fun like everyone else and enjoying the classes immensely so far.  Not as flexible as I used to be with the wrists and fingers but It’s great physical and mentally rewarding.




    Frank I didn’t bore you with it. but yes 🙂 I’ll be 77 in feb.


    Way to go Jack, ten more years and we’ll go on the road!





    Hey Frank… I’ve been watching your progress. Keep up the good work!

    Hope you can make it to the first live training.


    Either way feel free to shoot over any questions you might have that I can talk about during the training (or if more immediate here in the forum).


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