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    Hello, everyone. I’m Rob, coming to you from central IL.

    I picked up bass guitar a little under a year ago to help provide some “oomf” to our music at my church. Bass has a very easy learning curve, so that’s been good, but I decided I would like to pick up acoustic both for the fun of it on its own and because I think it will make me a better bass player.

    In terms of level, for acoustic guitar I’m very green… though I do understand some of the basics from bass experience.

    Music-wise, I used to play trumpet in Jr. High and then did a bunch of singing in High School and since. I’ve run sound for many years, so I have a pretty good music ear. My music theory is a bit rough… but there are some good fundamentals stuff in there someplace. 🙂

    I’d been trying a different service for learning primarily bass, and was starting to pivot to acoustic… but the teaching wasn’t really resonating. I came across Tomas’ videos on YouTube and his style really resonated with me. The teaching experience is immediately apparent and could immediately speak to a lot of my doubts and concerns, which was a real confidence booster.

    The thought of being able to play proficiently is really exciting so I’m looking forward to the journey!


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    Welcome Rod… bass is cool 🙂

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