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    Name is Brian I am 54 and happily married to my wife and live in Oklahoma.

    January 29th I bought my first acoustic guitar so at time of this post only been playing it five days.

    I did play in my Youth age 18,19 to around early mid 20s. I was into Joe Satriana Steve Vai, and main stream rock. I was lead fusion and touch of neo classical but never really known for being rhythm player as I could play leads forever but rythm was more like licks or short progressions for me.

    While I was a musician I since my youth I have not really listened to music on the radio much though I like country music now a lot more. However I have very broad taste that when I focus on music and it can go from jaz, to classical to Spanish to about anything that I think is cool.

    I am very creative I can here a drop of water fall or an insect make noise or basically anything make noise and if it has any type of pattern to it I can create music around it. Leads and rhythms so I guess I do have a gift for creation and imagination as I can do this with words and stories to. However, I do absolutely nothing with it but it can be emotional release which is nice. Imagination and feel of music is only skills I have cannot draw anything but stick figures.

    I have more problems learning other peoples music than creating my own and have to put more work into it to learn and imprint into my memory.

    I have ADHD though I not sure I feeling the physical part much at 54 so that has slowed down and I am a bit OCD I will tap fingers or do repetitive stuff over alot though not to the point its odd in society just more annoying if I do it to loudly (according to my wife lol). This gave me focus issues and focus is part of memorization and learning so that was tough as younger person.

    I am Network Engineer and Architect now and very happy in life and have a very big puppy dog or bear personality hard to make mad not easily offended and love to be humorous and playful. I love learning my entire life is built around that as well as curiosity and pursuit of knowledge.

    I can be afraid of being misunderstood so I can be very detailed with information or writing and I am a huge collaborator and communicator. work from home don’t get out much or around people other than my close family. Obviously I can be prone to writing walls of text lol…

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