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    Hello there!  I am Sherri and live in Nashville (Music City!).  My husband, Tom, and I are both members of the community and play acoustic guitar.  I am an Intermediate level player and have been playing my Martin 000-28 guitar for about three years.

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    It’s Sherri again!  I felt like I should have shared a little more about myself after reading other people’s posts!  I have a classical piano background but decided to take up acoustic guitar three years or so ago, and I love it!  Tomas was my first teacher – on Real Guitar School, and he is a great teacher!  He has so much to offer, and I look forward to learning much more!  I have been trying to play solos recently and would like to learn much more about that as time goes on.  My husband, Tom, and I are a duo and enjoy singing, and occasionally performing, together immensely.  Nashville is an awesome city for enjoying music and seeing other guitar players perform on a regular basis, and we love living here.



    Wow… music city! That’s cool! Hi Sherri,

    Welcome! It’s great to see both you and Tom here in the community.

    Sounds like a nice guitar.

    I look forward to supporting and encouraging you.

    Let me know some things you’d like to learn (Quick Win section is best).

    I have a list of courses/lessons I want to create to add to RGS 2.0, but I’d rather tailor what I do first to current students.

    Bye for now Sherri,



    Tomas – One thing that I am interested in learning more about is playing in open keys – open G, open D, etc.  I wanted to throw that out there in case it could be a good idea for a lesson.



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