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    [email protected]

    I’m Terry.  Just starting out with the guitar in earnest.  I’ve been retired for a year now and am looking forward to learning music.

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    Hi Terry. Welcome! Great to have you on board.

    I look forward to supporting you with your guitar playing.

    – Tomas



    Alan Wayne

    Hi Terry,

    My name is Alan Wayne and it’s nice to meet you. I found Tomas’s methods of teaching to be the very best for me. I had been taking lessons for about two years at the time, and my determination to learn to play kept me however , my progress was between slow and horrible. Now, the improvement is noticeable and more than just blindly practicing. Now my practice is becoming playing  with purpose!

    Warm reguards,




    welcome Terry:
    Jack Lockhart here, another retired guy ( there are lots of us).
    Just want to let you know….You picked the right place.
    Tomas is human, effective and a great guy. He cares!


    Nice to meet all of you and thanks for the note.  I’ll have a jpg on my profile soon.  Thomas is helping me figure out how to load one from my iPad.  Cheers!


    Alan Wayne

    Hi Terry,

    Alan Wayne from South Florida,

    Welcome and nice to meet you. Turned 69 on Friday, needed a guitar teacher that I taught in a style that I could learn from and Tomas is all that and more.






    Hi again Terry,

    I’ve got a live training (as in live online) this Thursday. Hope you can make it.


    Even if you don’t have questions now… sometimes listening to other people’s questions will help with things you didn’t know to ask. Also I have a presentation that your find very helpful in the beginning.

    – Tomas

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