Hello from Ireland (via Memphis)

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    Hi All,

    Name’s Dermot & I’m originally from Ireland and have been in the US since the early 90s, currently living in Memphis. I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar but got frustrated with making chords when my brother tried teaching me in my teens so I’ve always put it off. Now that I can’t go anywhere b/c of the pandemic, I decided to finally go for it.

    My goal is to be able to strum along while singing Irish folk songs like Whiskey in the Jar and the Auld Triangle at “sing-songs” once the pandemic is over.


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    High Dermot and welcome to a great place! Ireland to Memphis? That

    had to be a culture shock. I think you’ve found a home. You picked a good place to get help with your goals.




    Thanks Jack! It defo a great town for music – that’s for sure!

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