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    today is my 76th birthday and as my gift i came up with the ridiculous idea that i would like to learn to play the guitar . ridiculous since i have always considered myself non musical , dyslexic and tone deaf ! in spite of that , i’m ready and willing to give it a go.delighted to have found tomas as my teacher .

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    Hi Anthony, first things first; Happy 76th birthday to you. And well done in deciding to give guitar playing a go, I’ve spent some enjoyable hours endeavouring to play over the last year & a bit & I wouldn’t change it for anything else even though I’m not yet playing any song proficiently I’m enjoying the challenge. You’ve picked the right tutor in Thom├ís. I wish you many enjoyable years on your guitar journey. Best wishes Joe



    Hi Anthony,

    Happy Birthday,, you share that day with my brother as well! Congrats on wanting to play the guitar. There is quite a sense of accomplishment when you can play your first song all the way thru.

    Good choice with Tomas, he’ll help you find your way with lessons that teach you fundamentals and build skills to play songs. Enjoy the journey



    thank you dear friends for your comments .

    already enjoying the challenge just learning simple chords C and G .

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