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    Hello RGS community…

    Shane in Anchorage Alaska, I started using one of my son’s acoustic guitars about a bit over a year ago. I’ve never played any kind of instrument but one of my doctors said it would be good therapy to learn to play an instrument. My father always played his guitar and harmonica when I was young. I was always too busy to make a real attempt at trying it myself.

    Now that I am 55 I decided to take my doctors advice. I stumbled around on the internet looking for anything to get me started. I ended up finding one of Thomas’s videos on you tube on how to play blowin in the wind. I became an RGS member within the next 24 hours.

    I am glad I found RGS. I am in the beginner’s journey. I’ll be there for quite a bit longer since I had a setback needing a long over due shoulder surgery on my strumming arm. It was pretty heavy duty joint replacement. Since strumming is too painful I skipped ahead to the finger picking journey since it is all I can do that doesn’t cause pain. I plan to get back to the beginner journey and may even start over again. Maybe not the very beginning but far enough back to ensure I fill in the gaps that I may have rushed through.

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    Shane welcome! Shane… My all time favoite movie. That’s no pun it is!

    Your comment about finger picking sounds apologetic. I never have used a pick.

    I think finger style is the way to go. But lets no belabor that point. your with Tomas now.

    You’re in good hands. 55 is not ancient around here I turned 82 a couple of months

    ago and still love what I can do with my guitar. Your doctor is correct, It’s great therapy.

    Best of luck,

    Jack…. el viejo



    Hi Shane, just checking in to see how you’re doing?



    Hey Shane!

    Finger picking is actually awesome some of the most beautiful Guitar is played that way. I am 54 hex maybe 55 who knows I quit counting at 50 we are still young men if not in body mentally 😉

    Glad to have you on the site Thomas has done some really great things here I think you will love it!

    P.S. I am jealous I love outdoors and I have never been to Alaska I am going to visit some day and maybe see if I can find a bear bigger than me lol.

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